Purchasing and Installation Process

The purchasing process is very simple with this store. Just add a theme(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout. Fill out your payment information through Google Wallet and right after you complete checkout you will automatically receive a link to download the theme and instructions for installing it

All theme downloads are packaged as .deb files for a one tap install using iFile. The more recent themes have been uploaded to Google Drive so downloads will be ad free and extremely quick.

It is my goal to offer a professional, safe, and quick method for purchasing themes from the SirTimothy1 Mobile Store.


  1. can i pay with paypal ! i have iphone 4s and i would like the os x lion theme !!thank you !

  2. Hey i jUst purchased this app . I have not recieved an installation email yet?

  3. is the os x lion theme optimized for the iphone5?

  4. Is the OS X theme available for iPad if it is then how do I get it?

  5. OS X Lion theme it can not be found on cydia.

    1. You should be able to find the iPad version on Cydia. As for OS X Lion Ultimatum, I no longer support that theme due to how outdated it is. Check out www.Mavericks-Mini.com for my recent, much more superior OS X theme.