Themes for Charity

This is a project I've been planning for a while now. In 2011 I was fortunate enough to have an incredibly successful theme that changed my life perspective on what one can accomplish. I have always made themes as an outlet of creativity and a want to redefine mobile interfaces, and the sudden acquisition of money has not changed this. That is why, with the introduction of my Themes for Charity initiative, I will be donating a significant portion of my earnings on themes to charity. The first theme of this initiative is Mountain Lion Ultimatum for the iPad which will be free on Cydia and 100% of donations for the work will go to charity.

Themes for Charity will work as follows:
1. The various themes I make available for the Themes for Charity initiative will have a published percentage of profits that will go to a central charity fund. There will also be themes available for free where donations to a Themes for Charity PayPal are welcome, and 100% of the donations will go to the charity fund.
2. At the end of each month I will take 100% of whatever is donated to the PayPal account and add it to the percentage of my profits that are to go to charity. I'll then deposit the amount to my bank account and, using my debit card, donate the amount to a charity. I'll post screenshots of the process so this is as transparent as possible.
3. The charity that gets donated to will be suggested by YOU. You can post a comment with your charity suggestion for the month's donation here. I'll read through what you have written and select the most popular charity or one that stands out, so if you're really passionate about a specific cause please tell me in your comment. There may be instances where I choose a charity that wasn't suggested because of recent events (like if a natural disaster suddenly happens, I could choose to donate to relief help if it's not suggested in time).

That's everything of importance that I can think of right now; if anything else comes up I will be sure to post it. Together we can help inspire a new generation to follow their dreams.

*Please note that unless a theme on my website specifically says a portion goes to charity, it does not. This is to help keep the boat afloat. Each new theme posted will be part of the Themes for Charity initiative so stay tuned for new themes.


  1. The donations to Themes for Charity have been underwhelming to say the least. Over the past 2.5 months $9.43 hase been raised. I will wait until the end of March before deciding on a charity and donating the money, in the hope that we can break the $10 mark. Stay tuned for an update in April!

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